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“Pupils value the good relationships they have with their teachers and behave well in lessons and around the school” Ofsted 2016


Listen to our current Year 7 students. They will tell you how they have settled in, the food, the teachers and you have got to watch the ``bloopers`` at the end!

A partner school within the John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust


``Welcome`` to our school. This website provides you an opportunity to get a ``taste`` of what Paulet High School is all about and to virtually meet the staff and some of our students.


Paulet High School continues to achieve excellent results across many subjects at GCSE. Students, of all abilities, meet and exceed the challenging targets set for them and they are delighted with their success. The school also achieves rates of progress which are above the national average for many subjects and groups of students. However success at school is more than academic success. Our many other achievements, over the last few years, include:

Our Year 9 boys’ Football team reached the Staffordshire county cup final. They also reached the semi- final of the local Burton and district tournament.

Our Football teams in years 8 to 11 all entered Staffordshire county competitions and also Burton and district tournaments and won several games.

Paulet entered teams and players into year 8 to 11 rugby competitions and festivals.

Netball teams in years 7 to 9 continue to be popular, with 20 plus girls regularly attending matches and training. Years 8 & 9 both came 3rd in district competitions.


Students are taught in five, sixty minute lessons during the day with break and lunch following periods two and four respectively. All students have a 15-minute registration session with their form tutor and form group. Each form group is made up of students in the same year group. One day a week registration is extended by fifteen minutes to allow students to learn, in a focused way, aspects of the PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) curriculum.

It is essential that students continue to make good progress from their finishing point at the end of junior school. At Paulet we work with our partner schools to ensure we have a clear picture of what students can and can’t do in the core subjects. Our lead teachers in the core subjects have met with their counterparts at our partner junior schools to ensure we have a full understanding of the curriculum students have studied up until year 6 and have planned learning for our students which allows them to meet continued progress.


Our community is made up of four houses; SPITFIRE, VULCAN, METEOR and LANCASTER.

Our house system is allowing our students, through competitions, assemblies and charity fund raising events, to get to know students in other year groups and work together to succeed.

The ultimate prize is the house cup awarded after all of the points from all of the competitions are added together each year.

Last year LANCASTER won - who will win this year?


“The culture of safeguarding is evident from policies and actions and is strongly affirmed through discussions with pupils, staff and governors. Keeping pupils safe is a priority for everyone in the school.” Ofsted 2016


“This is a truly inclusive school. Governors, senior leaders, staff and pupils share a common belief that there is a place for everyone at Paulet and aspirations are equally high for every pupil.” Ofsted 2016


We are immensely proud of our school and the achievements of our young people. The staff are committed to providing the best possible education in an ordered and caring environment. You will find that we have very high expectations and know our students well. 

It is not possible to present a full picture of the life of the school; but we hope you will be able to judge quite quickly the strengths of our school.


We wish we could have opened up our doors for you; we've tried our best - here is the virtual tour!

The Learning Hub is located in the centre of Paulet High School and we are able to offer a broad spectrum of support strategies for our young people. We look to identify and support our young people with their learning needs. This support may take place in the classroom or where required through small group intervention. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your child’s learning needs and how we can work with you to ensure we can meet these needs.

The Learning Hub



As head girl, I aim to support the students at Paulet High School as best as I can in order to have everybody feel happy and welcome.


My time at Paulet has been amazing so far. On the first day I was so nervous but as soon as I met my teacher and I had a look around I knew it wouldn't be as scary as I thought. If you come to Paulet I am sure you will love it.


I am Joel the head boy. I enjoy helping the younger students in the school and seeing them settle in and get comfortable at Paulet.


You will love it here at Paulet! Everyday is a new chance to learn. We have loads of different fun activities that make it so much fun. The food here is amazing and the playground isn't just big - it is huge!

Meet our Prefects







Ethics & Philosophy









At Paulet High School we develop the whole child through character education, values and the promotion of individual and community wellbeing.


Pastoral care and good relationships are regarded as vital ingredients in getting the best from our students and allowing them to achieve their potential.


The welfare of students is a prime concern for all of our staff and the school has a structured and successful pastoral care system and, to complement this, we have our wellbeing hub which supports students in a personalised way.


There are a variety of student groups whose role is to support our community and ethos. These include prefects, subject ambassadors, school council representatives and student mental health ambassadors.


  • Maroon sweatshirt with school logo (polo t-shirts must be worn underneath) 
  • Plain black school trousers (correctly worn) or… 
  • Plain black school skirt, of an appropriate length, or… 
  • Plain black tailored uniform shorts 
  • White polo t-shirt with or without school logo 
  • Black or white socks 
  • Plain black standard leather style shoes only 
  • Optional embroidered Paulet hooded top 
  • Embroidered with school logo or plain navy blue polo shirt 
  • Embroidered with school logo or plain navy blue sweatshirt or hooded top 
  • Plain navy blue shorts or ‘skorts’ 
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms 
  • Plain navy blue socks 
  • Training shoes, football boots, shin pads and a gum shield 

Homework plays a crucial role in the educational development of every student at Paulet High School.

Our homework policy has the following principles:

  • homework is only set if it promotes learning 
  • homework is integral to the learning process i.e. no ‘bolt on’ worksheets allowed
  • all homework is marked by teachers in a way that informs the student how to make progress 
  • homework is sufficiently differentiated (differentiation by outcome is not acceptable)
  • there is a recognition that deadlines need to give students and teachers sufficient time to manage their workload.
  • homework is set using email so students can keep in touch if they are absent

In your school bag you should have:

  • Black pen
  • 30cm ruler
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener

Bringing a spare pen is always a good idea for when yours runs out. Paulet will provide you with:

  • A dictionary
  • A home-school diary.

These should also be in your school bag every day.

Many staff and students are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities. These are offered at lunchtime and after school. A full programme of sporting, educational and social activities takes place. 

Music and Drama are very important aspects of school life and many opportunities are available for participation in the band and the choir, as well as the successful drama productions. We are extremely proud of our school drama & music showcases which result from the huge enthusiasm and hard work of staff and students. 

The school participates in a wide range of sporting activities within the local Schools’ Sports Association. Soccer, cricket, netball, athletics, badminton, rounders, hockey are all played successfully and students may move forward from school representation to district and then county level. 

In addition to the sporting and musical activities there are computer, engineering and science clubs. The students regularly raise money for their chosen charities. 

During their time at Paulet High School we encourage students to participate in residential experiences, often linked to their studies in one or more subjects. There are a number of trips abroad, activity trips and fieldwork. Such residentials are valuable to the student, not only in their studies, but also to widen their experiences and raise their confidence and self-esteem.