• THURSDAY 05 OCTOBER 2023 @ 6PM




“Pupils value the good relationships they have with their teachers and behave well in lessons and around the school” Ofsted 2016



Welcome to our school. Our open evening is an opportunity for you to get a “taste” of what Paulet High School is all about and to meet the staff and some of our students. Please feel free to visit all the curriculum areas, ask questions and join in with the lessons. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy them.

We are immensely proud of our school and the achievements of our young people. The staff are committed to providing the best possible education in an ordered and caring environment. You will find that we have very high expectations and know our students well. 

It is not possible to present a full picture of the life of the school in such a short time but we hope you will be able to judge quite quickly the strengths of our school. You are most welcome to visit us again if you would like a tour of the school during a normal working day.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for coming.



Paulet High School continues to achieve excellent results across many subjects at GCSE. Students, of all abilities, meet and exceed the challenging targets set for them and they are delighted with their success. The school also achieves rates of progress which are above the national average for many subjects and groups of students. However success at school is more than academic success. Our many other achievements, over the last few years, include:

  • Our Year 10 boys’ Football team reached the District cup final and won at St George’s Park.
  • District cup final representation for years 11 and 8 as well. Again, Finals held at St Georges Park.
  • Our Football teams in years 8 to 11 all entered Staffordshire county competitions and also Burton and district tournaments and won several games.
  • Paulet continued to have representation at local athletics events and several students went on to represent East Staffordshire.
  • Netball teams in years 7 to 10 continue to be popular, with 20 plus girls regularly attending matches and training. Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 all entered in district competitions.


Our curriculum aims to provide a broad and balanced education that challenges all students, promoting a positive attitude towards learning and encourage our students to be lifelong learners. We aim to enable students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the subjects studied. We passionately believe that all students can succeed in school with the correct guidance, academic, vocational, and extra-curricular opportunities; students can leave Paulet ready for the next stage of their lives.

Learning at Paulet is about more than academic achievement. We recognise the need to develop character in our learners to enable them to succeed inside, and beyond, the classroom. Character is developed through our academic and pastoral curriculum, as well as the extra-curricular offer we provide. We aim for our learners to be positive, culturally aware citizens who can make positive contributions to our school and wider communities.

We recognised the need for our students to be physically and mentally well and our curriculum aims to educate students on how to lead healthy, active lives as well as providing support and guidance for students when they face challenges in their physical or mental health. We call this The Paulet Way.


At Paulet we believe that learning inside the classroom is only part of a child’s education. We provide a vast range of activities, experiences, and opportunities for our children to grow and develop.

This year’s exciting opportunities include:

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
  • Coding Club; Tuesday 3pm to 4pm; IT1 (Mr Eden)
  • Gaming Club; Monday to Thursday lunchtime; IT1 (Mr Ashraf)
  • Chess Club; Tuesday lunchtime; Library (Mr Gilmour)
  • Drama Club; Wednesday 3pm to 4pm; PA2 (Mrs Gadsby)
  • Library Club; lunchtimes and 3pm to 4pm daily; Library (Mrs McArthur)
  • Lego Club; Tuesday lunchtime; GS4 (Mr Suleman)
  • Carpentry Club; Wednesday 3pm to 4pm; DT1 (Mr McArthur)
  • STEM Club; Wednesday 3pm to 4pm; DT2 (Mr Allsopp)
  • Art Club; Thursday 3pm to 4pm; AR2 (Miss Sargent)
  • Brilliant Club; Various times; IT4 (Miss Moore)


“The culture of safeguarding is evident from policies and actions and is strongly affirmed through discussions with pupils, staff and governors. Keeping pupils safe is a priority for everyone in the school.” Ofsted 2016


“This is a truly inclusive school. Governors, senior leaders, staff and pupils share a common belief that there is a place for everyone at Paulet and aspirations are equally high for every pupil.” Ofsted 2016


  • Maroon sweatshirt with school logo and house name (polo t-shirts must be worn underneath)
  • Plain black school trousers (correctly worn) or…
  • Plain black school skirt, of an appropriate length, or…
  • Plain black tailored uniform shorts
  • White polo t-shirt with or without school logo
  • Black or white socks
  • Plain black standard leather style shoes only


  • Embroidered with or without school logo navy blue polo shirt
  • Embroidered with or without school logo navy blue hooded top
  • Plain navy blue shorts or ‘skorts’ and / or
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain navy blue socks
  • Training shoes, football boots, shin pads and a gum shield

For further information please visit our policies and procedures page by clicking here.


At Paulet students are organised into Tutor Groups made up of students in their year groups.  Tutor Groups have a 30-minute lesson every day which we call Character Development.  This time is used to discuss themes including Paulet Character, what we mean by Everyone Included, well-being, mental health, personal finance and healthy eating.
For competitions and rewards, students are split into four houses.  Every year there is a myriad of opportunities to gain house points and, individually, house tokens that lead to rewards!


Student Leadership opportunities at Paulet High School are all designed to develop students’ Character.  We strive to ensure all students are able to demonstrate these characteristics through the curriculum, extra-curricular activities and taking positions of responsibility.

  • Year Council; two reps from each Tutor Group; selected by tutor
  • School Council; two reps per year; elected by Year Council; funding allocated termly (Beyne Foundation) to use for student enhancement projects; plus 6th Form Ambassadors
  • Curriculum Advisory Group – purpose is to ensure all groups are represented through school policies and curriculum – EVERYONE INCLUDED – The Paulet Charter of Values (Appendix 1)
  • Prefects*
  • House Captains
  • Garden Group
  • Student Librarians*
  • Mental Health Ambassadors*
  • Senior Mental Health Ambassadors*
  • Student Leaders: LGBTQ Group
  • Student Leaders: Nurture Group
  • Sports Leaders*
  • SEN Ambassadors (Autism support)*
  • Subject Ambassadors (involved in interview process; open evenings; running subject clubs etc.)
  • 6th Form Reading Buddies*
  • 6th Form Ambassadors

* These roles have an application process and subsequent training for successful applicants

We see a child’s time at Paulet as a 7 year journey. We hope many of our students decide to stay at Paulet and join our 6th form. Visit our 6th Form website for a look at what we have to offer:

A partner school within the John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust



Always feel part of Paulet, I enjoy being a prefect and especially helping Year 7.


The prefects are really nice, I get along with them. They help you make friends and the teachers are really nice.


Teachers are supportive in a friendly manner.


You will love it here at Paulet! Everyday is a new chance to learn. We have loads of different fun activities that make it so much fun. The food here is amazing and the playground isn't just big - it is huge!


At Paulet High School we develop the whole child through character education, values and the promotion of individual and community wellbeing.

The welfare of students is a prime concern for all of our staff and the school has a structured and successful pastoral care system and, to complement this, we have our wellbeing hub which supports students in a personalised way.

The wellbeing team will work with our students to develop a personalised plan to support their emotional and social needs. This includes worry management, friendships, emotional regulation and self-esteem. We also support students when faced with unexpected life events impacting on their wellbeing.
There is also a variety of peer and group support avaliable through the Wellbeing HUB including:
Mental Health Ambassadors
Every year 7 form group have two dedicated and trained mental health ambassadors attached to them to offer low level support and guidance. Senior Mental Health Ambassadors are also on hand to provide education around Mental Health and Wellbeing and run our Menal Health Awareness weeks.
Social Groups
  • Wellbeing Champions, a six week course open only to year 7 aimed at those finding the move to secondary school or making new friends difficult.
  •  Garden Group, an opportunity to look after our school hens and develop your gardening skills.
  • Bereavement Support Group, drop in sessions aimed at supporting students to understand and process their thoughts and feelings following the death of a loved one.
  • Year 11 drop in, designed specifically for our year 11 students to guide them through the challenges of studying for their exam year.
  • LGBTQ Space – for those who would like to gain or offer support with any issues in relation to gender or sexuality.
External Support Services
We work closely with a range of organisations. Within school students can have access to the Listening Service run by Burton Youth for Christ, our School Counsellor Fran and our School Nurse Linda who runs drop in sessions. You can contact us at any time about these or any other more specialised support services including family support.